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The intense hatred motivated not by proof or scientific reason, but by extreme jealousy and greed to take over an online export business has made it impossible for a single woman engineer and online exporter to even leave her house in panaji, goa , as those in charge of weapons in panaji, goa, attack her with directed energy weapons whenever she is spotted, and stays in a place for even a few minutes. the directed energy weapons cause very severe headaches and memory losses leaving her disabled for a few hours after being attacked, It appears that the hatred of the person in charge has been very severe, he will not even let her rent an office in panaji, as confirmed by a neutral third party a few years ago.

The person in charge of the directed energy weapons are extremely corrupt, cruel and inhuman like animals and do not deserve to continue at the position where they have access to expensive equipment wasting indian tax payer money out of personal hatred to become rich overnight.

A scientific analysis of why are these cruel anonymous men attacking a harmless woman, do they have a valid reason for the attack.
1. is she a terrorist - no
2. has she harmed anyone - no
3. has she done anything illegal - no
4. does she own an online business which these greedy dishonest men want to take over - yes

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