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In india the top officials in the internet sector are involved in a major impersonation scam (the greatest in the world) and are probably bribed by the large companies in the internet sector to abuse their powers to harass a home online business owner wasting indian tax payer money and give fake references of experience, qualification and investment to their various young cheater lazy liar girlfriends.

Cheaters who should be punished like goa's most wanted fraud siddhi mandrekar, sunaina , bangalore's nayanshree hathwar, are role models for these dishonest powerful officials, who falsely claim that their lazy cheater girlfriends are experienced engineers and webmasters, when these cheater women have never worked as engineers as no company would hire such greedy lazy liar dishonest frauds , and their lies and fraud would be exposed in a few years years.

No one would object if the powerful officials appointed their young cheater girlfriends to top government jobs with their real work experience saying that it is their birthright to appoint any young woman they are infatuated with to a top government job, these are the rules in India. Why impersonate a home online business owner to get their mediocre lazy girlfriends jobs which these women do not deserve? Why are these corrupt greedy dishonest officials and their fraud girlfriends allowed to retain the position of great power in india, despite their obvious fraud, which would mean the end of a career in any other sector.

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