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A major risk for a home online business owner in a country like india is the defamation by powerful officials who are not accountable to anyone. These officials are extremely ignorant, but very arrogant, and are quick to make allegations without any proof against an home online business owner.

They will then put the home online business owner under surveillance for years, wasting tax payer money, to find proof to support their baseless allegation, which may be due to jealousy or hatred of the home online business owner. Even if no proof has been found to support the fake allegation being made against the innocent home online business owner, these extremely powerful men, do not have the grace to apologize for their terrible mistake, or offer any compensation for the tremendous losses which have been caused by their arrogance, carelessness.

Instead these very powerful men are very patronizing, and further expect the home online business owner whose life they have destroyed, to form a company with their lazy liar cheater mediocre inexperienced girlfriends. Thus though the business owner was innocent, he or she will be further terrorized wasting tax payer money, to form a company with mediocre dishonest cheater women.

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