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In most parts of india, having a job especially a government job is considered to be very respectable in society, and home online businesss owners in most states are looked down upon as incomptent fools. This problem appears to be particularly severe in the tech/IT sector , where small home online business owners are subjected to identity theft attempts by large corporates who wish to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply which their own employees would never develop. These corporates are very smart, they do not get involved directly as they could face legal action, they instigate powerful officials to waste tax payer money, expensive equipment to harass home online business owners for years, to destroy them financially and physically .

These powerful and rich corporates will ensure that every fraud who cheats the home online business owner will be given fake references of experience, qualification which the home online business owner actually has, to appoint them to a permanent government job. This results in a big fraud
1. as cheaters instead of being punished, get appointed to a permanent government job
2. these cheaters can claim to have degrees which they do not have, which they have not studied for, because of their very powerful relatives and friends who are exploiting the home online business owner
3. the home online business owner is defamed as not having the qualifications which he or she actually has,
4. almost every person the home online business knows will be threatened or bribed not to give references
5. in many cases, the home online business owner will also find that the well connected frauds and cheaters has been given fake references of experience which they do not have, due to the rampant corruption in the internet sector in India . 6. for example allegedly google,tata, paypal and other internet companies, powerful officials are so overjoyed with cheaters nayanshree hathwar, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina for cheating and stalking an experienced engineer that they falsely claim that these inexperienced cheater women, are experienced engineers with twenty years experience. Just because cheater women have powerful boyfriends who hate an experienced single woman engineer, it does not mean that these cheaters become engineers overnight,
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